02.13.2015 – Hi-Lo


I’ve recently begun using high and low-pass filters with fairly good results.
I’ve read articles and seen numberous videos where folks say: low cut everything aside from the kick and the bass guitar.
I’ve actually added minor low cuts to kick and bass too, but I am allowing the bass pedals full range for now (love those things).
The eye opener for me has been low-pass filters. You don’t need much, and it’s best to think about which instruments/sources really will benefit from the extended high-end range.
I’m generally shaving some off of the guitars, bass, and drum bus. It seems to clean things up as much as cutting some of the low-end mud does.
I don’t have vocals to deal with, so it should be easy.
I also have imported some reference material of music that I thought sounded good into my DAW. It was immediately apparent that I didn’t need as much of lows and highs that I had before.
I’d suggest using reference material if possible.

I’ve also become enamored with the idea of sound treatment. I feel like there are reflections bouncing around my meager basement studio, and that I’m not hearing some frequencies too well. I wouldn’t say I’m frustrated with my mixes, but I feel they could be better (even though they have improved over time with experience).
The space I’m using is unfinished and large, with insulation on the walls covered with white plastic *pictured above. Though the room isn’t as live as one would think.
I wonder if making some gobos (Roxul/OC 703) and a booth/closet for cabs and recording acoustic guitars and such wouldn’t help things??
The price for Roxul/OC 703 doesn’t bother me. It’s the shipping that has me concerned. It adds at least a third to the cost. The stuff must be heavy.
Perhaps I’m putting the cart before the horse and simply need to get a permit and build some walls, then add the treatment.

I don’t think I have the space or the know how to truly get a control room that is separate from the live/performance room.
That coupled with the fact that I really only record my own stuff/band. The recordings we do are mainly set and forget. I set everything up, get levels and press record.

I’d love to work with other artists/bands, but am reluctant to allow strangers in my house to see all of the gear we have.





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