02.18.2015 – FabFilter Pro Q2


I don’t endorse any products at the moment.

That said, I finally broke down and got the FabFilter Pro Q2 plugin (it was on sale) on almost word of mouth (typing) alone. After a few weeks of messing around and mixing with it, I’ve realized that it really is the only EQ I need for mixing.

I’m a recent proponent of less is more. I’ve ditched a lot of plugins and let licenses/upgrade opportunities expire over the last few years. I still feel like I have a lot.

For example, a list of my current EQ plugs:

Waves – Puig Tec
McDSP – 6020
McDSP – Filterbank
Slate VMR
Built in ProTools EQ’s

They’re all fine and have their strengths. I’ll keep them around for flavor/etc, but the FabFilter Pro Q 2 just seems to get me where I want go to in much shorter amount of time. It also has some very valuable tools that the others simply don’t.
It makes me wonder if their Pro C compressor is as good. I have read/seen positive stuff on their Gate plugin.


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